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Foreign Worker Recruitment

We serve Canadian companies from all Canadian provinces, except from Quebec.

The website Jobs2Canada aims to help Canadian employers in finding qualified foreign workers. All applicants applying through this website, will be pre-screened by Jobs2Canada regarding their relevant work experience. Only applicants that might be deemed suitable, will be referred to our client, the employer, for further screening. The employer shall have the final authority on the selection of the forwarded candidates and will contact the candidate if selected for an interview.

Before an employer can hire a foreign national, they must be approved to do so. Approvals are given by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) with the issuance of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). During a LMIA application procedure, ESDC verifies that the employment of the foreign worker will have no adverse effects on employment opportunities for Canadians or Permanent Residents. Some employers are exempt from obtaining a LMIA, but need to register the job offer with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Jobs2Canada offers tailored immigration solutions to organizations employing or interested in employing foreign nationals. Available services include:

  • Access to our database with resumes of foreign workers, all are screened upfront;
  • Advice, guidance and representation regarding the most appropriate LMIA application stream;
  • Identifying applicable LMIA exemptions;
  • Advice, guidance and representation for LMIA-exempt job offer registrations;
  • Short and long term planning advice;
  • Liaising with respective authorities;
  • Liaising with professional and regulatory bodies;
  • Presentations to employers;

Recruitment vs Immigration matters

Most provincial legislations do not allow a foreign worker recruiter to be involved with the recruitment part and the immigration matter for the same candidate. For that reason, we work with other immigration consultancy companies to support you and your candidate through the various immigration processes.